Writing on the Beach: To the grindstone…

Well! After writing about my low motivation level, I started to get into a totally different writing project. It’s very slow going, but I’m learning a lot about–get this–what I’ve learned as a writer.

I am definitely pantsing more since this is a first draft, but I’m also remaining aware of giving myself time and space. There have been quite a few moments when a twist came up and surprised me. But while those twists were intriguing, I realized they didn’t quite have a place in the narrative–something it took me at least a day or two to figure out. Then, it was time to swipe out some darlings.

I used to create line art this way. Years back, when I did more drawing and carried a handy sketchbook around, I used to take days or even more than a week to finish one piece of line art. The slow process frustrated me: going back to erase and redo the curve of a single line again and again.

But at the end of those excursions, I’d come out with a fairly decent piece of line art.

Going through these steps for starting a novel again really reminds me of that process. It’s kind of nice, because I’ll use what I’ve written in pantsing mode and immediately switch to planning mode to be more analytical and critical. Doing this will help immensely as I shape this plot (with hopefully less of a revision/rewriting ratio than my other novels!).


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