Submitting on the Beach: Practice Makes Practice

Having some more distance from the Pitch Wars results, I thought about how I managed to be pretty zen about the whole process. I still get jitters when I’m about to send out a query. I re-read it even though I’ve re-read it about ten times to check for typos, etc. But sending is different from waiting with writing…

I know my zen comes from having a pretty solid history of submitting for publication and/or performance. I started submitting my writing more than a decade ago. It started small, at a student journal. From there the habit grew to submitting to publications online, to contests, pitching articles, etc. And I’ve had results I’m proud of. But I’ve had a lot of rejections too.

Ironically, my tough writer’s skin developed much more quickly than my own personal skin back then. Being a writer in academia was good training. The more acceptances (and non-acceptances) I get, the more I know that there is no better practice for being in the publishing industry than to have a history of submitting. When I do get a book contract, what’s next? I’m going to have to pitch the next project, too. It doesn’t really end.

I’m glad I’ve gotten used to it. I’m glad I’ve had the writing pieces and opportunities along the way to feel validated, to get my work out there, and to build the momentum of my writing career.

It feels great! But it’ll always be work… =)


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