Writing on the Beach: Moving forward…

Pitch Wars results have come in! I am not getting a mentor this year. And I am very okay with this.

While I would have loved to work with a mentor, I’ve reworked this MS many times. It’s been with me through graduate school critique workshops, then about two full runs through my own writers group. Heck, I was in the middle of some really solid querying when I paused the process to revise, then submit to Pitch Wars.

As I mentioned before, I still came out a winner because I came out ahead of where I paused in querying, not behind. I achieved my goal, which would have been the same whether I connected with a mentor or not–to have another revised draft.

Most people don’t like to lose… but I hate saying that I didn’t try. I mean, there were about 2,500 entrants (I think) who didn’t get a mentor? I know I’m in good company. And there are a lot more people than that out there trying to get an agent/get published.

Time to step back into the real game!

P.S. – Many thanks to the mentors, the Mentees Helping Mentees folks, and to Brenda Drake and her crew for this amazing summer-long event. Of course, congrats to everyone who did get chosen for a mentor! As for the other entrants… good luck to you too, I’ll see you out there!


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