Writing on the Beach: Drafts rule!

I love how my last post about my waning motivation is now moot. Mostly. Go me!

I’m writing this and the next post ahead of time because I’m experiencing a bit of a life change and also because I’m inspired (yay) and I have a lot of writing feelings. I’m new to Pitch Wars, but from the #PitchWars hashtag on Twitter I gather it’s normal!

One important part of developing as a writer is really getting to know oneself. (Very Temple of Apollo, I know.) Through my 10+ years as a scribbler, one thing I have come to have a deep respect for is the fact that writing takes time. I’ve mentioned this before, that I like to walk away from things and get my ideas for what comes next.

Well, drafts have a lot to do with that method. One of the hardest parts of writing is sitting down to do them. There are a lot of potential demotivators. But the important thing for me to remember has always been: It is okay for what you write to be crap. (It will not All always be Crap, however.)

When I was a writing tutor, I tried to teach my students this. Heck, I’ve even taught this to my friends.

Has anyone ever asked you for help with writing something? Have you really looked at how stressed and frustrated they seemed by their own idea? What I usually say to destress the situation and to get things flowing is: “What do you want people to know?” I break down their idea into pieces: facts, details, etc. If they can have a conversation about it, they can write it.

It’s the artists’ way. Start off messy (or with a block of stone, or a lump of clay, or jars of pigment) and create order.

Even a messy draft is a victory. Because that draft has forced you to think, to get ideas down. And if it needs work, at least you can find that out through the draft. If you need to write something else entirely, the draft will tell you. If you’re onto something but it needs reworking, the draft will tell you that too.

The most important thing is that you got down what you could.

As long as I’m doing that, I get to call myself a writer…



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