Writing on the Beach: Motivation…

Oh! I’ve had a difficult time with motivation lately. Part of it was writer’s block. Usually, when I stop working on something, my brain starts to play with what could happen next. Sometimes, it makes it hard to concentrate on things I should physically be doing. But that is okay! I’ve managed so far.

The roadblock occurs when I cannot for the life of me get the imagination to start rolling on its own. But I liken the need for motivation to the habit of going to the gym. My rule when I lost weight a few years ago: you’re allowed to not work out if you at least dress up and physically visit the gym. If at that point you decide not to work out, then you can’t say you didn’t try. So, part of it is just getting myself to sit down and open my document and read it…

The difficult part is that I keep getting distracted… by other stories! (And, yes, the Internet.) Mostly potential novels I haven’t written yet. This is both a good and bad thing. Good, because I’m slowly building the foundations for other projects. And what is a writing career without other projects? Bad, because I really, achingly want to get this revision done (it’s really time to birth this novel) but I’m afraid to start working on something else because then… how will I tear myself away to finish the first project?

This is the writing life! And that butt-in-chair time is important. Usually, it’s okay to work on something else as long as that butt-in-chair time gets clocked. But feeling like a draft is dragging makes it difficult to finish something I want to be over! One might argue it’s like being in school again. Except, maybe without having to take notes or exams.

Okay, I guess it’s a little better. At least I get to make up my own material? Onward!


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