Rumination on the Beach: Conventions

I was happy to see this week that Long Beach Comic Con had revamped its website and opened applications for professional registration. (Done and done.)

Professional registration means a lot to me. Here’s why:

While in line during the signings portion of one panel, a fellow attendee looked at my professional badge. She asked which panel I was part of. I got to explain that I had the badge because I had publications, and she was very interested to hear about what I had accomplished and what I was working on. We bonded over the fact that we’re both working on children’s literature.

It was a nice moment. More than that, it was a very strong reminder that my accomplishments mark me as a professional writer.

Having been in stasis as a writer while revising this novel, that is a huge deal. Because unless you’re surrounded by people in the exact same position (assuming you have a day job), many of them won’t understand that writing is actually a second career. It is a career, but at this stage it doesn’t include advances or royalties or contracts. As a career, it is demanding on time and resources. It is also something that bears fruit only with those sacrifices.

I’m proud to call myself a professional. Some day soon, I’d like to start putting panels together. I’m keen on the idea of being more active and participating in this platform. After seeing great panels over the years that have actually changed my life, I want to contribute to the community also.

Speaking of, Long Beach Comic Con is also open to panel requests right now. If anyone wants to put something together with me, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Rumination on the Beach: Conventions

    1. It depends on what you’re looking for. I’m usually looking out for potential book swag (ARCs/author signings!) or author/creative panels that pique my interest. Sometimes there are panels on specific issues, like a great one on feminism I saw at Long Beach Comic Con years ago.


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